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Heres a 2 hour recording of my live set at the beach bar from The Garden Festival, Tisno, Croatia 2012.


Eddie C - Normalizo
Idjut boys - One for kenny
Unknown - Spacetalk
Loti - Whats lord got to do with it?
Sellouts - I can’t hide
Social Studies - Body Language - Plastic Plates remix
Psychemagik - Feelin Love
Sir Own - Hooked
Out of the Basement - Take me with you - forthcoming on EDSC Recordings
Rahaan - Make me whole
Proper heat - In your eyes
Leon Sweet - GTTR - forthcoming on paperecordings
Copyshop - Lipps - Pete Herbert remix
The Units - High Pressure Days - Todd Terje remix
CD vs. Cd - I really do believe
Creative Use - Instant Acid
Phreek Plus One - La Spirale - JV Loveboat remix
Daft Punk - Around the World
DJ Agent 86 - El himno Ibiza
Todd Terje - Inspector Norse
Locussolus - Telephone (Dub)

Yohan Esprada - Red Phone EP

Deepshizzol Remix

Pole Position Recordings proudly presents Yohan Esprada with his latest release the “Red Phone EP”.

The “Red Phone EP” brings together some of Yohan’s deepest tracks to date. From the sub bass infused title track, to the more stripped back sounds of “This Night”, right through to the down tempo, Jazz lounge influenced “The Waltz Of Paris”.

New kid on the block Meloder impresses with his remix of “Red Phone” before Deepshizzol gives “This Night” a seriously funky twist. CRAM rounds off the release in style with his up tempo, hypnotizing keys remix of “The Waltz Of Paris”.

Having remixed artists such as Robert Owens and Evren Ulusoy, graced labels like Deso, Soulheat and UM Records, Yohan makes the “Red Phone EP” his debut release on Pole Position Recordings.

Red Phone EP
1. Red Phone (Original Mix)
2. Red Phone (Meloder Remix)
3. This Night (Original Mix)
4. This Night (Deepshizzol Remix)
5. The Waltz of Paris (Original Mix)
6. The Waltz of Paris (CRAM Remix)

Release date 3 September 2012

©2012 Pole Position Recordings -

  • Track Name

    Pocket Rocket

  • Artist

    Samson Lewis (Deepshizzol remix)

Pole Position Recordings & Samson Lewis present the “Pocket Rocket EP”. Samson hand picks a number of tracks from his debut release on Pole Position Recordings “The Midnight Rallying EP” to get the remix treatment.
Logistix give “Pocket Rocket” a warm, soulful, almost oldskool edge whilst DeepShizzol takes things deeper with his remix. Samson gives his own track “Turbo 2” a rework before Frej Le Vin completes the remixes with his chunky, up beat version of “Double De Clutch”. The release is rounded off with Samson’s original mix of “Pocket Rocket”.
Samson has featured on labels such as Soulfuric, Farplane, King Street and Mutated Music, the “Pocket Rocket EP” is another fine addition to his impressive discography.
2012 Pole Position Recordings

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